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1155 Deodar Road, Escondido CA 92026

Office Hours 7:30–4:00

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Rock Springs Elementary School Logo

Rock Springs Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Rock Springs School Community including staff, students, and parents, to create life-long learners in an academically inspiring environment regardless of academic history, socioeconomic status, race, or gender. Students will learn to communicate effectively through the mastery of problem solving, critical thinking, and social skills. This will be done while providing a caring, safe, and effective learning community that motivates all children to succeed and celebrates each child’s potential and values diversity.

Rock Springs School Logo

If you look around the campus of Rock Springs Elementary School, you may notice something on windows, doors, or computer screens. Rock Springs has a new brand – “Rock Springs University – Home of the College Bound Roadrunners”.

After attending the Turn Around Conference, the leadership team was inspired to create a learning environment, which promoted college readiness. A school wide commitment to Universal Student Achievement precipitated the call, but a unifying brand was still needed to rally the community. Thus, the idea of RSU was born, and has become ever-present on the campus.

Rock Springs is the home of the college bound Roadrunners, and we are excited to run the race towards success.

Character Counts at Rock Springs!

At Rock Springs Elementary School, building character is one of our top priorities. Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship, are the six character traits we use to help instill a positive learning environment for students and a “culture of kindness” making schools a safe environment for students to learn.

The RSU community is T-R-R-F-C-C Terrific!

Rock Springs Song.m4v

We are the Rock Springs Roadrunners

and we're here to sing our song.

We will work together peacefully

making school fun all year long.

Helping hands will guide us as we grow

learning how to be our best.

Hear us as we shout, "Rock Springs School!"

You can put us to the test.