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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

posted Aug 29, 2012, 7:44 AM by Gerald Lake

Good morning Rock Springs School!

Today is Wednesday, August 29, 2012. Today's we have sunny skies with a high of 93 degrees.


This morning, we have a group of college bound roadrunners from Sylliaasen's class to lead us with the pledge. 


On this Day in History:

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana, as a Category 4 hurricane on this day in 2005. Despite being only the third most powerful storm of the 2005 hurricane season, Katrina was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States.
Also in history, Ishi, described as the last surviving Stone Age Indian in the contiguous United States, is discovered in California.
Today is also the birthday of the late Michael Jackson.

Here’s a random Science Facts for today:

Some species of earthworm can have as many as 10 hearts.

Rock Springs School is a Character Counts School:

The Pillar of the Day is Respect. Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant and accepting of differences • Use good manners, not bad language • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.
According American political activist and preacher Jesse Jackson, "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up."

Teachers: Please be sure your classroom and mini-lab computers are on everyday.

This concludes today’s announcements. Thank you college bound roadrunners, and remember,
“Keep a smile on your face, it will increase your face value!”