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Monday, September 30, 2013

posted Sep 30, 2013, 7:30 AM by Gerald Lake   [ updated Sep 30, 2013, 7:35 AM ]

Good Morning Rock Springs School!

Today is Monday, September 30, 2013. The forecast calls for sunny skies with a high of around 83 degrees.

This morning I have a group of college bound Roadrunners from Mrs. Zacharias's Class.


Next week, Mrs. McWilliams's class will be leading up in the pledge.


Today is...

National Mud Pack Day!

On this Day in History:

On this day in 1889, the Wyoming state convention approves a constitution that includes a provision granting women the right to vote. Formally admitted into the union the following year, Wyoming thus became the first state in the history of the nation to allow its female citizens to vote.

Here’s a random Science Facts for today:

The Giant Kelp algae is the fastest growing organism on earth and can grow at a rate of two feet a day.

Your Character Counts at Rock Springs School:

The Pillar of the Week is Caring, our fifth Pillar of Character, represented by the color red. When you think about caring, think of a red heart.

• Be kind 
• Be compassionate and show you care 
• Express gratitude 
• Forgive others 
• Help people in need

According to John Wesley, evangelist and founder of Methodism, "Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can."

Safety First!

  • Please remember to walk when traveling through campus. 
  • Also remember to use quiet voices in all academic areas.
  • Remember to play safe on the playground and when the bell rings to line up, walk to your line safely. We do not want anyone running as you could get hurt.
  • When you arrive at school in the morning, remember to sit at the lunch tables. All students are to remain sitting at the lunch tables until the duty teacher says that you may get up.
  • At the end of the day, your teacher will walk you to your designated exit for parent pick-up. If your ride is not there, you need to wait, stay at the front of the school and wait patiently and quietly for your ride.
Today's Leadership Team meeting will be held after school in the library.

PTA Updates:
Have you sold your 15 items yet? If you have sold 3 items of more, come to the lunch tables before school tomorrow to pick up your monster. Turn in date is Friday, October 4th.
Also, don't forget to encourage your parents to join PTA. If we get 200 members, Mrs. Frank will dance!

This concludes today’s announcements. Thank you college bound roadrunners, and remember,
“Keep a smile on your face, it will increase your face value!”